Grazi, Gianluigi Buffon


Today marks the end of an era as Buffon plays his last game for Juventus after an illustrious 17 years of service. The most famous soccer players in history are usually remembered for their goals and skills—it’s not as common for goalkeepers to be so revered which shows how influential Buffon has been in the world of soccer. He himself jokingly gives advice on not being a goalkeeper because it is not the easiest job in football.







While the rest of your team is kicking the ball around, passing, crossing, tackling, shooting and scoring, the goalkeeper is watching all the action from his end of the net. However, saving goals is just as important as scoring goals and when a goalkeeper makes a scintillating acrobatic save, it is a joy to watch. What makes Buffon special is not only his athletic capabilities but his endearing personality, which made him a natural leader. There are players that have a certain presence about them that can change the mood of a team just by saying a word or two, making a great impact on the team and Buffon was one of these leaders. You can see just by the way the fans of Juventus have an incredible love for the one they call Gigi, how special he has been for them. The next goalkeeper of Juventus is certainly going to have big shoes to fill in.

At Futégo, we not only highlight the importance of goal scoring but also the importance of stopping goals on the pitch.

The pitch is the most beautiful part of the game; it gives you emotions which bring meaning to life.
— Gianluigi Buffon




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